Lung cancer is a serious illness. Indeed, it is one of medicine’s most dreaded diagnoses. Alone, it’s responsible for 29% of cancer deaths in the United States. It is also the leading cause of cancer mortality in both men and women worldwide. It causes more deaths than breast, colon, ovarian and prostate cancer combined!

These statistics are alarming, especially when viewed in relation to the amount of funding dedicated to lung cancer research, treatment and prevention. To make matters worse, lung cancer isn’t typically discovered until it causes symptoms, and by then options are limited and chances of a cure are bleak.

Eric Presser, M.D., a leading board-certified thoracic surgeon specializing in the treatment of cancers of the chest, is aware of these disturbing numbers, declaring, “It doesn’t have to be this way. There is hope.” In his new book, AN EMPOWERING GUIDE TO LUNG CANCER: Prevention, Answers and Hope, Dr. Presser, a recognized expert in minimally invasive surgical techniques, and outspoken advocate of early detection through screening, offers an empowering, comprehensive guide to lung cancer for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the treatments available, coping with the diagnosis, and the side effects associated with the disease on both patients and their loved ones. Dr. Presser isn’t offering a magic bullet, or untested, pie-in-the-sky alternatives, but the latest scientifically tested information to help reduce the rates of illness and infirmity and ultimately make lung cancer a thing of the past.

Combining a surgeon’s precision with the intuitive insight of a true healer, Eric Presser is, in the words of Carolyn Caldwell, CEO of Desert Regional Medical Center, “An astute and compassionate physician in constant pursuit of excellence for himself and his patients.” His impeccable medical credentials include surgical internship and chief resident at New York’s St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center and additional residencies in cardiothoracic surgery at Louisiana State University’s Health Science and Medical Center and the University of Texas’ Health Science Center, as well as membership in numerous professional associations and societies.

Dr. Presser’s A to Z guide is just what the doctor ordered to help raise awareness among the public and dispel the commonly held belief that this disease is self-inflicted and therefore unworthy of support. The publication of AN EMPOWERING GUIDE TO LUNG CANCER is an opportunity to meet and tackle head on the country’s leading cause of cancer death with an empowering and enlightening book that allows readers to take charge of their care and their lives.

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